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I make things clear.




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I make things clear. I love translating human needs into technological specifications and helping non-technical people understand the costs and benefits of different approaches. I always sit firmly in the user's seat and try to see through their eyes, whether the user is an employee, a developer, or an end-user.

Working in startups, I gained experience supporting clients through advanced challenges and highly technical problems. I also supported marketing and sales and gained experience mentoring team members. I gained experience as product owner for two different products, so I know how software is developed and what developers need to work with. My M.O. has always been to build consensus, to clarify, and to collaborate.

Now, I design and manage REST APIs and other approaches to systems integration.


Presenting an API Design Initiative. I created this presentation to win teams over to an API-first design with a unified design standard.

API Design Standard. To provide a superior user experience for developers, I assembled and led an ad hoc team of 20 execs, managers, and engineers to develop and promote a standard for a unified API standard. This document resulted from those sessions.

Hypothetical PRD. I wrote this brief product requirements document to show my thoughts on specs. It is for hypothetical customization work for a hypothetical client's requirements for a hypothetical content management system.

Pitch for Product Improvements. I created this slide deck to walk the audience through problems in their web site and web application and how I would prioritize solutions.

Embed in 60 Seconds. (🎬) I created this video while at Zoomdata to show non-technical audiences how easily their tech teams could use our product.

Anatomy of a Good Ticket. In this quick blog post, I describe and give examples for what goes into a good user story or ticket for a modern software development team.

Other portfolio pieces. Good stuff, if not exactly my marquis events.


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Applying Agile MoSCoW Prioritization | LinkedIn | 24 Dec 2018. In this course, Claudine Peet shows how to implement MoSCoW prioritization in agile project management.

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Loyola University Maryland, 1995-99, BA cum laude in history

Mount St. Mary's Seminary, 2004-2006, (incomplete) MA in theology & formation for priesthood